Marvelos Cat

1st baby


Birthday: 2015.9.19
Gender: Neutered Male

Marvis was a birthday gift given by my friend. He was tinny on and hand and now this is huge! I can not believe how I grow him like this. Marvis is such an amazing cat. He understands every time I call his name. His favorite thing to do is probably eating and he eats all the time.
3rd baby


Birthday: 2019.7.29
Gender: Female

Venus is our third baby after we got Louis. She is so perfect! Super smart and pretty! She is my beloved daughter! We got her after I was cheated from a shitty cat breeder. Tammie introduced a breeder friend to me and I bought Venus from him and shipped all the way from China.
2nd baby


Birthday: 2018.12.12
Gender: Male

We saw Louis from a chat group. Someone had to give him away. His original owner is back home in China and left him with her roommate. Her roommate has cat-allergy so she could not take care of Louis and had to give it to us. We took a very good care after that. He is growing up to be a such handsome boy!!!