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An App for Lovers

MiSU took inspiration from Zenly, an app they shares location with friends and family. It is a concept design between lovers. They can use MiSU to send message and share mood and location for just two of them. MiSU is designed for safety, memories and more. Angry at him at her? Turn the location off is as simple as a click.

Location Sharing App

A privet place between two lovers

MiSU stands for “Miss you” and “My love is you”. Sharing location with your be loved one is a way of sharing love and safety. Once entering the app, the first thing is to ask your permission to share location. You can turn it off at anytime.

How it works

MiSU shows the location for you and your love on the map

Create Profile

Control the setting and connect multiple devise for tracking 


Easy shared location on the map, click to send messages


Calendar shows important massages and memories

Find her

Look up her location on the map even you are not there

More icons

Real Time Sharing

Look up where he or she is and send message at anytime.

Unlock the power of map sharing and quickly find you be loved one where every they are, Sending mood and message to him or her and let them know that you are safe. MiSU is a privet place for just two of you and you can post photos and memories too.


Prototype made with Figma

Main Screens

Main Login

Simply typing username and password to login and a screen is asking for your permission. then you can starting sharing

Main Functions

Click your profile to view settings and connected devices. Typing anything you like using message and sharing your mood and browsing event on the map


Sharing you most important¬†date and memories with him or her, reply messages and turn off your locations if you don’t want to share.


Designed with Figma

MiSU UI Concept Designed by Farfalla Hu

Thank you!

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