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App UI Concept

MiSU took inspiration from Zenly, an app that share location with friends and family. It is a concept design between lovers. They can use MiSU to send messages and share mood and location for just two of them. MiSU is designed for safety, memories and more. Angry at him at her? Turn the location off is as simple as a click.



Online Store Branding

GO-HI is an online store that focuses on outdoor living supplies. Our brand starts in 2019.  We are preparing our store website and other e-commerce platforms. Finding the right shoes can be hard, but finding the good one from worldwide can be very simple with GO-HI. Feel free to visit us soon!

Ice Brain

Concept Design

Introducing the latest addition to the world of frozen desserts brain-shaped ice cream! This new and unique twist on the classic treat is sure to turn heads and spark conversation. 


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